Songs to Draw From

The Sketchbook Project often has some cool challenges to participate in and Songs to Draw From is the latest one I’ve taken part in. I really liked the concept of the challenge; you find a song you’re inspired by and create a 4×6 inch illustration.

From the playlist they provided, I chose “Monotronic (Secret Circuit remix),” by Museum of Love. It was something I hadn’t heard before and it felt the most like my work. The repeating line in this remix is:”The waking world was never meant for me.”

I love the idea of paintings having a soundtrack and it’s something I’ve talked to other artists about as well. It’s not uncommon for me to choose a song and listen to that song on repeat until a work is finished.

It started with this concept sketch and here are the in-progress photos:monotronicip

Here is the finished illustration:



Prismacolor pencil and india ink, 4 inches by 6 inches.



Getting things done

For my own benefit, or “This is for when I’m really beating myself up about how I never get anything done”… It’s not quite 4pm and so far today I have:

unloaded the kiln and reloaded it for another firing

taught four classes: two clay classes, a wood-building class, and a paper-craft class

cleaned up after roughly 60 students

attempted to hand in budget paperwork

called HR/Help Desk regarding accounts and training

ground down glaze/glass on a student’s project with my Dremel

assembled 30 student gift-bags…

This still doesn’t seem like a lot to me, but I’m still working. I’m really going to miss summer school when it’s over.


Okay… I don’t think I’ve updated my website since 2006…. but HERE WE GO!

It’s gonna take me a bit yet. Still can’t figure this theme out and my domain/hosting isn’t set up, but I’m working on it. woot.