She Said was a self published zine created in 2000.

I originally saw Kelly’s work at the Detroit Comic Book Convention several years ago. She had produced a zine called, “She Said” and was pimping it proudly. I liked the zine. It was a scattershot of images and text. Obsessed with the female face and mildly interested in the feminization of technology (Kelly is a geek with a capital G). It was rough, not fully formed, but there was a great sense of Lo/Fi power that hummed off of it’s Xeroxed pages. I’m a sucker for the documentary sensibility and above all things that first zine was certainly a document. She had drawn on top of printed out emails and other collected “brass tack” scraps from her life, grafting her women and their fierce certainty across the American Typewriter font minutia of daily existence.”  

–  Joshua Dysart, Eisner Award-nominated, New York Times Best Selling comic book writer

Four editions were created:

1st – limited to 50 copies, with light yellow cardstock cover

2nd – 50 copies, with gray cardstock cover

3rd and 4th editions – 100 copies each with yellow cover

All copies are SOLD OUT.